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Sound of Crickets, NOT!

Monday night I participated in a School Board Candidate Forum where criticisms about your School Board’s previous actions and the Open Meeting Law procedures we follow were made by another candidate.  I chose to focus on more positive remarks that night. However we should all have the correct information.
In the 16 years of School District Budgets I have voted on there have only been 3 years when base salary was frozen, and in 2 of those years the teachers still got additional monies.In those 16 years of budgets, if teachers increased their Professional Development by taking more college credit classes, for 15 of those years  they got an increase in their base salary.  That is not frequent salary freezes by the Tempe Elementary School District Governing Board as previously claimed by the now candidate.At the School Board Meeting when the now candidate made these incorrect accusations, your School Board continued with our meeting following ou…
Jim Lemmon’s Goal to Inspire Excellence
I remember some of the feelings teachers face each new year as they walk into the classroom facing a room full of eager and anxious students.I previously taught geology and geography as adjunct faculty at the college level for many years.Today I am fortunate to mentor and help train college interns and Engineers in Training during my professional job as a Registered Geologist with the Arizona Department of Transportation. I get to work with a variety of teams consisting of technical professionals on defining, designing and then implementing remedies for geologic hazards (think landslides and rock falls) impacting the roads throughout our beautiful state.
Our job as Governing Board Members is to articulate the vision, policy, culture and direction we as a community want our public schools to best serve the children of our District.We need to remember that it is all the children we operate the schools for, not just our employees and for the convenie…